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Top 50 Pictures

Traveling across 18 cities in India and 5 other countries (Sri Lanka, Bahrain, Hong Kong, Myanmar and Malaysia) these are 50 of my top pictures. All pictures taken by me unless otherwise specified.

Picture 1: Sunrise from the air in Bagan, Myanmar.

Picture 2: Two ladies taking a break from their work in Jaipur, Rajasthan

Picture 3: Sunflowers in Bahrain (Middle East)

Picture 4: Looking down in Rishikesh, India

Picture 5: A cow, man and motorbike in Mumbai, India

Picture 6: Mussoorie, India

Picture 7: The wood used in the cremation of the dead in Varanasi, India

(Varanasi is the holiest city in India for Hindus)

Picture 8: A stunning sunrise in Bagan, Myanmar

Picture 9: A man at work using a loom to make a rug in Jaipur, Rajasthan

Picture 10: A vibrant house by the sea in Pondicherry, India

Picture 11: The Big Buddha in Hong Kong

Picture 12: A woman and her children in Dharavi, the second largest slum in Asia. Mumbai, India

Picture 13: Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia

Picture 14: A monkey in the snow, Mussoorie, India

Picture 15: A street child in New Delhi, India. To help stop this practice of child exploitation and combat the injustices of poverty please donate to https://www.savethechildren.in/what-we-do/our-programmes

Picture 16: A girl in school studying under a child sponsorship program. Hyderabad, India

Picture 17: Men who work for 'Jaipur Foot.' This NGO makes and fits people with prosthetic limbs to anyone who comes through their doors, for free. Over 1.83 million limbs given away.


Picture 18: An elephant in captivity in Jaipur Rajasthan.

Picture 19: One of the King's camels in Bahrain (Middle East)

Picture 20: Taken from the sky in a hot air balloon in Bagan, Myanmar.

Picture 21: Me feeding the pigeons for ₹10 in Rajasthan, India.

(Taken by a friend)

Picture 22: Cows and pigs searching for food/eating rubbish. Vrindavan, India

Picture 23: Idols and idols for sale in Yangon, Myanmar

Picture 24: A cross on a hill in Mussoorie, India

Picture 25: The Golden Temple in Yangon, Myanmar

Picture 26: A women working on the ties of rugs in Jaipur, India

Picture 27: Protests. Hong Kong

Picture 28: A man selling Indian sweets drinking his chai in Rajasthan, India

Picture 29: Holi, the festival of color in Mathura, India

Picture 30: An old woman in the industrial slum Dharavi in Mumbai, India.

Picture 31: Me above the clouds in Mussoorie, India.

(Taken by James Rosengren)

Picture 32: A man cooking lunches with Akshaya Patra. This NGO provides lunch to 1.8 million children across 19,039 schools in India, every school day. Rajasthan, India

Picture 33: A little girl at recess in Hyderabad, India

Picture 34: Horse & carts, hot air balloons and temples in Bagan, Myanmar

Picture 35: An elephant with his keeper at Amer Fort in Japiur, Rajasthan

Picture 36: Hot air balloons Bagan, Myanmar

Picture 37: Selling colour powder for Holi in Mathura, India

Picture 38: A man washing in the Ganges. Varanasi, India

Picture 39: The Ganges and it's mountains in Rishikesh, India

Picture 40: A cold and lonely mountain evening in Mussoorie, India.

Picture 41: Temples and hot air balloons in Bagan, Myanmar

Picture 42: Police and sundials at Jantar Mantar in Rajasthan.

Picture 43: Above the clouds and city in Mussoorie, India

Picture 44: The bridge behind the boat connects Bahrain to Saudi Arabia.

Picture 45: The swastika to the left of the man symbolizes the original Hindu meaning of good luck, prosperity and success.

Picture 46: Tuk Tuks or Autos all waiting for customers. Bagan, Myanmar

Picture 47: There are approximately 10,000 temples in Bagan, here is just one.

Bagan, Myanmar

Picture 48: Adams Peak in Sri Lanka

Picture 49: Block Printing in Jaipur, India

Picture 50: Jaipur, India

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